Mothers Day

For Mothers Day this year we made beautiful dough hearts. The kids painted it for their moms. They also helped me make some Lemon Sugar scrub for their mothers hands. They loved watching me mix all the ingredients. The basis of our Lemon Sugar scrub was found on By Stefanie Lynns website.

We changed ours a bit and used Johnsons & Johnsons Baby Oil. And I added some of my own Lemon Body Scrub from The Body Shop. It smells define

Some of us tested it and it worked perfectly

Mothers Day Mothers Day

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Theme : Autumn

For our Autumn theme we made beautiful bird feeders. The kids loved it. We used the following: A toilet roll, Peanut butter and some bird seed.

Lots of the children couldn’t resist eating the birdseed and licking the peanut butter off their toilet rolls.

Here is some pictures.

Yummy Birdfeeders

making our bird feeders licking our bird feeders

We also made a Autumn tree using our fingers as paintbrushes.

The kids finished trees - Autumn

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Our Classroom

In 2013 we moved our Mill Park Play School into the main house. Here is some pictures of the new rooms. We have a classroom, where we learn, play and do all our activities.


W have a music corner, where Shirlene Hindes from Tumbles and Tunes come and teach us music, dance and how to use instruments. We love to dance while singing and learning new songs.

Music Corner

Our fantasy room is filled with books in our cosy Reading Nook. We also play dress-up here. The kids love the imaginitive play and dress-up.

Reading Nook


Our Reading Nook


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